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Red Data Girl Chapter. 3


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Halo everyone! does anyone want a cup of coffee? . You know, drinking coffee after fatigue due to work indeed is a fun thing. Upsss, sorry out off topic. This time I want to review about an anime I watched a while ago, Red Data Girl Chapter. 3 The First Familiar and of course in my point of view. As usual forgive me if there are grammar mistakes in my writing. Let's go!.

After watching this episode I understand why in the preview of previous episode Miyuki said there's no student named Wamiya. Because Wamiya is actually not a human, but rather "something" that was created from the desire of someone and that person was Izumiko Suzuhara (Saori Hayami). The question is, why? . According to my observations until the third episode was because Izumiko has always been alone. Not because she does not want to socialize with other people, but because she was conditioned to be restricted from the outside world. In other words, she just needs a friend, that's all.

Then why did "Wamiya" suddenly became evil and almost hurt Izumiko? that's a good question. In my view Wamiya was suddenly being evil because he felt his status as the only one who always with Izumiko has been ripped away by Miyuki. Especially after Izumiko and Miyuki went to Tokyo. Wait a minute, I realized something. It means the black lumps that had chasing Izumiko at Tokyo was Wamiya, it makes sense. But, do not worry Wamiya will not bother Izumiko again because he was released with a beautiful farewell dance.

I learned something from this episode, when a male character has a view like the picture above. I feel there will be a romance #nuffsaid.

Overall I'm satisfied with this episode. About the next episode, I look forward to how Izumiko will adapt to her new school. Ok, it's time to end to my writing this time and see you in the next post. Bye!

Next episode: Chapter. 4 The First Roommate
See ya

Red Data Girl Chapter. 3 Reviewed by ShizuoCell P on Friday, April 19, 2013 Rating: 5

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